• Q Could we become Shenle exclusive brand agent in our country?

    A We are keen to cooperate with our esteemed clients to develop the local market and build a mutually beneficial business relationship. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@longo-relay.com.
  • Q The Relay operates. However, there is no current flowing between the contact points. I want to know why?

    A The presumed reasons are as follows
    (1) Transformation of Relay's internal components due to the shock of falling
    The shock with which the Relay unit is dropped by mistake makes the internal components of the Relay transformed and then the connection between contact points unstable. Handle it with due care.
    (2) Lifetime limitation due to contact erosion 
    Switching a load makes the contact points erode. When reaching the end of the working life, even if the Relay operates, the current flow becomes unstable. In this case, change the Relay.
    (3) Loose contact points in minimum load switching
    If a Relay with silver or silver-alloy contacts is used for minimum load switching, insulating capsules such as sulfureted one are easily produced, and then loose connection may be caused.
    For minimum load switching, it is recommended to use a Relay with gold-plated cross-bar twin or twin contacts.
    (4) Foreign body stuck between contact points
    Especially with exposure types, if dusts, molding powders, wire debris or coating materials are stuck between contact points, it may cause loose connection. In this environment, it is recommended to use a Relay in a case.
    (5) Loose contact points in inductive load switching
    Carbon is produced by arc discharge generating between contact points in inductive load switching using solenoid or valve. Carbon accumulates on the surface of contact points, and thus the current flow may become unstable depending on an applied load. Surge protection suitable for the applied load is required.
  • Q What is your warranty time of the products?

    A 12 month in use and 18 month in stock.
  • Q Can I get a sample for reference?

    A We would provide some free samples for testing, and you would only need to pay the express shipping cost.
  • Q What certifications do you have for your products?

    A For different markets, we get our products approved by UL, CE, RoHS, TUV,  CQC, and other standards organizations, to meet the needs of those markets.
  • Q Do you accept OEM/ODM for relay products?

    A Yes, we offer OEM/ODM services. If you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide professional proposals and help design the perfect relay for you.


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